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Tarot is a tool that helps us access the information we most need in a given moment. My readings are probably not like any tarot reading you’ve had before—rather than laying a spread and interpreting it, these readings are an interactive, ongoing conversation during which cards are pulled consistently. The cards help shape the conversation and lend insight as we work through whatever you most need help with in this moment.

It is important to me to take an anti-cultural appropriation approach to my tarot work: I am mindful of the harmful practices of many white people who offer spiritual guidance, and I am committed to keeping my witchy practices as rooted in my own cultural heritage as I possibly can.

Both single readings and tarot-guided coaching packages are available—book through the scheduler below!

We will meet virtually, either over the phone or video chat, so readings are available to anyone, regardless of location!

I am available for events in the Portland area. Please email lark@larkmalakai.com with inquiries.

Tarot guided life coaching

This offering is for those going through a transitional period in their lives. We meet monthly for extended tarot readings that help you process, get guidance, and come away with a tangible to-do list for the coming month.

Consider this if you are going through or are planning to go through a messy breakup, are working on coming out to your family or community, are deciding what to do with your future, or have any other big changes that you'd like some universe guidance for.

Coaching packages are $480 for six sessions ($80 per session), with payment plans available as needed.


“Lark changed the trajectory of my life in the course of a single tarot reading.” -Sarah S.

“Readings with Lark always have left me feeling understood, enlightened and motivated. He has a way of making a person feel supported and comfortable, since readings (especially with the detail and accuracy that Lark delivers) can be very emotional. The knowledge and insight that Lark incorporates into every reading is amazing!” -Kate R.

“Lark was always a crowd favorite with his impactful readings, never more than when he presented full moon spreads. It was a pleasure to host his readings and there never seemed to be enough time at our events to accommodate the interest that Lark’s readings evoked.” -Janette Rook, owner of The Eyrie

“Lark is an intuitive and empathetic person. He is incredibly easy to talk to, puts you at ease, and is remarkably perceptive in his reading of the cards. My readings with Lark have given me new insights and solutions to the questions we've explored together. I highly recommend his tarot readings to anyone, and especially queer folk!” -Amanda W.

“Lark is REALLY GOOD at tarot— sessions with him are so participatory and individualized. I always feel very seen and validated and assisted in determining where to go, but never pressured or talked down to.” -Liz M.

“Lark gives tarot readings that are like your tough-love bff giving you advice. He is a fantastic reader. I've gotten several readings that not only have been so spot on but he has really guided me in understanding the cards and my next step. Not to mention as a life coach, he can offer some real concrete advice about how to deal with any swords in your reading, lol.” -Jessie B.

“Lark is a fantastic tarot interpreter. He is incredibly good at pulling useful insights from each spread, whether the cards are offering friendly advice or a much needed reality check. His readings are personal and meaningful, and have always helped guide me with whatever questions I have. Highly recommend!” -Nicole S.

Lark’s approach to tarot is akin to receiving a warm and much needed hug from a trusted friend. He makes tarot accessible and understandable in a way that I’ve never experienced before. I always leave his readings with the confidence and clarity needed to face what’s next!” -Theo F.

Lark’s readings are insightful and often profound. I’ve found his style comforting and reassuring at times when I needed that, and he’s also challenged my assumptions when appropriate. I always leave a reading with a new understanding, lots to think about, and a feeling of calm readiness for the next thing.” -Leeann D.


Email Lark@LarkMalakai.com to book an event


About Lark


My name is Lark Malakai Grey (he/they). I’m a tarot reader, life coach, certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, amateur herbalist, writer, and the co-host of The Gayly Prophet podcast. I am also queer, trans, disabled, a Pisces/Scorpio rising and moon, a Gryffindor, and an INFJ.

I have been reading tarot professionally since 2015, and unprofessionally since 2008.